Private lessons for choral singers focus on freeing and strengthening the tone;  breath management and rehearsal strategies; developing clear, easy diction that does not tense up the mouth, throat and jaw; skills for singing well with straight tone; and solving registration issues.  Development of the entire vocal range is essential to maintain vocal health.  Choral singers need flexibility and coordination to be able to blend with others without tension and without compromising their tone quality.  Lessons include vocalizing and singing songs or choral excerpts.

Often in choral singing one becomes so deeply involved in the group experience, in the excitement of performing great and profound works of music and in meeting the demands of a conductor who is molding that musical experience that one can lose sight of one's vocal needs and emerge with undue fatigue, tension or hoarseness.   Technique study is about learning to be present physically and uniting the musical sense with the kinesthetic feelings so that the singer can enter into the music and trust that the voice will be there.  Increased confidence and enjoyment tend to follow.