Beginning voice students.  Lessons and audition preparation are offered to singers who are interested in developing a strong, healthy technical foundation and an introduction to classical repertoire which includes Lieder, mélodie, operetta, oratorio, opera, and some musical theatre.  Special care is given to choosing repertoire appropriate for the developing voice.  Lessons include musical training and diction coaching.
Advanced and professional singers.  Lessons provide comprehensive training in bel canto classical singing technique, repertoire coaching and audition preparation. I work with post-graduate singers and professionals interested in continuing to raise the level of their work, or who may be seeking a new approach. 

The Bel Canto skills which form the core of a classical technique include secure legato, agility, messa di voce and ability to trill, each of which needs to be executed while maintaining a clear, consistent vocal quality.   Breath and body alignment as well as diction which enhances the flow of sound are crucial elements of our work.  Of course technique serves the music, the drama and the artist’s imaginative expression.  In the voice studio the singer has the opportunity to explore and integrate the technique with the musical, stylistic and dramatic skills necessary to bring a song to life.   To this end we address elements of rubato, tempi and phrasing, individual interpretation and dramatic expression.