Musical Theater

Private lessons for actors/dancers/singers who are interested in using principles of classical singing as an entry point for their voice development, and who want to integrate healthy vocal habits into modern styles of singing.  Studio time is spent on technique, musicianship, coaching songs, preparing auditions and performance preparation (shows, cabaret, etc.), and vocal health and maintenance.  Specific vocalises are assigned to develop tone, strength, range and flexibility and manage register breaks. We also address stylistic transitions between "legit" and belt/mix. 
For singers interesting in Pop/Rock/Heavy Belt/Contemporary styles:  I work with students and professionals who want to address vocal issues such as hoarseness, vocal fatigue, limited singing range, etc., as well as amateur singers who wish to learn more about healthy vocalism and how to integrate that into their personal vocal style.

Every voice has its own signature sound, weight, range, and potential variety of styles it can deliver.  Musical theatre singers often run into problems because their strong acting chops can lead them to putting unbalanced demands on the singing voice. They tend to veer between all out, untethered rough vocalism and inhibited attempts to sing with "good technique" which disconnect them from their character.  In the voice studio we build the instrument so that the performer can enter into the music, the style, the drama  - with abandon, and maintain the health of their instrument while doing so.  The technique is there to serve the performer's musical expression and acting needs as well as the health and longevity of their singing voice.