"Debra is an extremely caring and sensitive teacher who genuinely cares about her students.  Her style is very interactive--she is always interested in my thoughts and feedback and she encourages questions and an exchange of ideas.  She is genuinely interested in her students and their progress;  it is not unusual to get an email from her after a voice lesson with follow-up thoughts and advice.  I have found her to have a superb set of ears and a comprehensive knowledge of the vocal mechanism in addition to a profound artistry and a deep connection to what it means to be a performing artist."    Leslie Hochman, soprano

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"Debra treats voices as I believe most people wish to be treated - with care, respect and nuance.  It is clear in every lesson that she genuinely wants the voice to shake off anything that might be holding back its expressivity and core sound.  And I have greatly benefited from Debra's sensitive and expressive piano playing - from simple scales to accompaniment for the songs we work on, her playing evokes an expressiveness from my singing that is difficult to verbalize but for which I am so grateful.  Debra understands that each student's understanding of the what, why and how of vocal production requires a unique vocabulary.  The vocabulary that she uses to try to help each student is substantial and incorporates anatomical description and pictures, creative metaphors and actual demonstration using her own voice.  Debra's commitment to communicate with her students in whatever way is effective for them is remarkable."  Gillian Glasser, lyric mezzo

"As a collaborative pianist and a faculty member at Manhattan School of Music in the Opera Department I have been very much impressed with Debra's ability to bring to each student her high standards of vocal production, language, diction, dramatic ideas and communicative skills.  She always seems to know when to work in detail, when to listen to a piece straight through and how to focus on the most important strengths and weaknesses.  She always finishes with goals for the next lesson, and specific ways to practice.  I have also played for master classes in which her students sing for each other, receive her comments and have a chance to comment on each other.  Debra has an innate ability to find the best way to communicate with each of her very different students."  Elizabeth Rodgers, Manhattan School of Music Faculty

"Art of Listening" private coaching   
"The class affected my singing performance and my listening in a huge way...Listening in the sense that I feel like I know what to listen for, and I can actually articulate what I like or don't like about a performance, instead of just saying something nebulous.   As far as performance -- I now work with creating an interpretation that's just mine, that works in my particular voice, instead of what "everybody else" does.  I feel like I've learned SO much about that balance between technique and drama, and how the two work together.    One of the most important things I learned was that it's not necessary to sacrifice vocal line for expressiveness, and in some cases it's counterproductive."
Allison Atteberry, Soprano 

Musical Theatre
"Debra is the kind of warm, nurturing instructor that a student can feel safe to take chances and grow with.  She helped me to shed many longstanding bad habits, develop a clear and strong upper register as well as a keen musical ear.  The technique that I learned in her studio has given me a healthy, dependable vocal instrument that has served me well in work across many different styles.  She is passionate, thorough and a joy to work with!"    Lauren Verfenstein, soprano

"Debra's style is unique: she teaches by combining her expert knowledge of voice training with a consistently warm and supportive approach.  My voice is continuously in a process of finding its 'personal best' potential, as Debra teaches me to trust my vocal instrument.  It all works...beautifully!"    Bruce Rebold, baritone


"I have been working with Debra for seven years and enthusiastically recommend her to my friends seeking voice teachers.  She teaches in a very nurturing manner, gently but firmly encouraging more and more until suddenly you realize you have accomplished something that would have been impossible before."  Annemieke Farrow, Actor

"Debra's teaching reflects her artistic sensitivity and technical skills (and her uncanny ear).  She helped me break some lifelong bad vocal habits and find my true voice.  Singing is fun again."  Karen Otte, Soprano

"I studied voice pretty seriously in college, and then continued to study on and off for the next 10-15 years.  However, for the next several years I really let my singing go.  My love for singing never waned, and I wanted to begin studying privately again, but I just hadn't made the commitment to do it.  And then I found Debra. Working with Debra is such a treat.  Even within the first few weeks of lessons, she began to do wonderful things with my voice.  Her expertise in vocal mechanics is particularly exceptional and she has helped me correct some bad vocal habits in a very short time.  I have learned so much from Debra about the way my voice works, and she uses amazing techniques to get the best out of my voice.  I love what I am able to do with my voice now, thanks to Debra. Debra is an exceptionally talented singer.  Her vocal skill is an inspiration, and it allows her to demonstrate everything she asks me to do with perfection.  She is also a great listener, a wonderful communicator, and she is very positive and affirming.  Debra takes time to understand what I want to do, and she is able to explain new techniques in a variety of ways so they always make sense.  She also provides very helpful notes for me to practice between lessons - reinforcing our work together to maximize results. In summary, Debra is the best.  If you are looking for an exceptional vocal coach who will produce outstanding results, you need Debra!" Rick Kaufmann, Tenor

"It has been a privilege to work with Debra for the past year.  As an absolute singing novice, I know how lucky I am to work with someone of her calibre.  Debra is giving me a solid foundation in technique and a great appreciation for the creation of quality sound.  And she has given me the confidence to keep at it!"    Sandra Carey, Actor and Marketing Communications Consultant

"Debra has helped me rediscover my own voice - a voice that went into hiding decades ago when a misguided music teacher had me singing in the wrong key."  Annette Lieberman, Artist and Psychoanalyst