Teaching Philosophy


Every singer, from the most highly trained professional to the beginner, engages in the magnificent, mysterious, heady, frustrating and joyous experience of creating music by taking a breath and uttering sound.  And each student of singing brings a unique learning style and physical coordination to the studio.

Study of singing requires a bit of courage, a lot of practice, and a teacher whom you trust.  It is a collaborative journey.  

If you come to sing in my studio, you are paying for my expertise, for my ears, and for my creative attention to your singing and your artistry.   The work is personalized and crafted specifically to your instrument and your goals or vocal needs.  Whether we are addressing the final stages of performance preparation, choosing and polishing your audition material, or working on the very basic technical underpinnings of the singing technique, the atmosphere is one of rigorous attention to detail along …..

Lessons are carefully crafted to address the individual and consist of technical work (vocal exercises specific to your voice needs) along with and song, aria and ensemble coaching and preparation.



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Music Theater

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Studio Policies 

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Private voice lessons
24 hour cancellation policy

Classical:  opera singers, choral singers, adult amateurs, young people from age 14 
·       Traditional bel canto singing technique
·       Development and balance of registration, resonance, breath connection
·       Technical, stylistic and dramatic preparation of song, oratorio and opera repertoire
·       Diction and language coaching in French, Italian, German, English 

Music Theatre: starting age 12
·       Development of the singing voice for ease of delivery, clarity of tone and balance of registers
·       Goals: increase range, strength and flexibility while maintaining vocal quality
·       Understanding and integration of breath; dramatic, stylistic delivery of basic repertoire

Group Classes
Singing Basics: small classes for prospective choral singers and adults who wish to retrain after a hiatus.

Care of the Speaking Voice: small classes or private sessions. Development and maintenance of speaking voice.

The Art of Listening: a special study for professional singers and impassioned amateurs; development of critical listening to enhance understanding and performance of classical vocal music.  In-depth comparisons of singers in recordings with emphasis on early 20th century historical singers.