Private Lessons for Ages 12 to 18

Healthy voice development
Audition preparation for college, conservatory, solo, choral, musical theatre
Musical training including sight reading, ear training
Opera training for the young voice

Healthy technique for young singers.   Because of my background in piano, clarinet and organ alongside my extensive professional singing career I’m ideally equipped to guide the formative years of gifted young musicians—and as the mother of an honors graduate of Spence and Harvard, I understand the needs of students who pursue their musical interests in the context of an ambitious academic program. 

For singers interested in Opera: The beginning of a classical singer's training is the time to develop a strong, resilient, healthy sound and to learn to integrate that sound with the stylistic, musical and linguistic demands of the repertoire.   We explore vocal literature in various styles and languages including Italian, French, Spanish, English, and Russian.  Lessons work well for highly motivated musical students who are ready to practice regularly.   I welcome instrumentalists who wish to explore their singing voice as well as non-musicians who sense that they have a singing voice to discover. 

For Musical Theatre students:  Open to singers who wish to use lyrical voice training as a basis for their development.   I often work with young singers who have developed unbalanced voices from singing solely in belt/mix from an early age.  These singers benefit from re-tooling their vocal instrument to gain flexibility and range. Singing mainly in loud belt/mix is a recipe for having a voice that is muscle-bound, weak in the high range, and has only one dynamic level: loud.   A well-trained voice is strong and supple and can move easily between registers; it has access to its full range and can sing loudly or softly while maintaining tone quality.   Private lessons give the young singer a chance to develop the whole voice while learning healthy vocal habits.   As a free tone becomes established  the student can integrate healthy vocalism into the belt/mix and other demanding contemporary styles and can move on to Broadway coaches and teachers with safety.

Audition Preparation:  We choose audition material that meets the requirements, shows the singer off to best advantage, and that the singer connects strongly with and loves to sing.  Lesson time is spent preparing the songs musically and dramatically, and rehearsing for live performance as well as for recording a CD or MP3.